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Reasons To Choose Us

We are full of bright ideas

Go to most recruitment agencies and they will give you very similar USPs (they are not really that unique at all). At Fetch we think that we really are a bit different and can give clients and candidates alike, a number of reasons to get in touch.

We do what you expect from a top recruitment business and we do it very well. Recruitment agencies will tell you that they have a huge candidate database, access to the best job boards and recruitment consultants with deep and specialist knowledge of the market that they are recruiting into.

We offer all of that AND provide a genuinely different approach in terms of our commercial terms. We reward our clients for giving us exclusivity and give a much higher level of service for lower fees. 

Because the vast majority of roles that we work on are handled exclusively, we spend more time on them. It also means that we do not charge clients higher fees for wasted effort on roles that we do not fill elsewhere.

Our focus is on partnering clients and presenting their organisation in the best possible light. You only have to take a look at the adverts that we write to see this. You won't catch our recruiters copying and pasting a job description into one of their adverts. We take time over getting things done properly. 

Quality can come at a good price...

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