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Our Values

What forms part of our make up

We are clearly biased but we think that we are perfect people to partner with. We work with professionalism and good-humour and everything that we do is driven by a desire to do the best job for our clients. Below we have shared our values and why we feel this makes us so good at what we do... 


We take great pride in looking after our clients and always seek to offer the best deal we can. We would rather take a long-term view and if we can help our clients out, we believe that this breeds loyalty in return. Where our clients use us on an exclusive basis, we will reciprocate this by only presenting candidates for their role rather than seeking multiple interviews elsewhere for them. We are proud to work with our clients and will seek every opportunity to fly the flag for them in the recruitment market.


In the nicest way possible, we will challenge our clients if we think that their expectations are unrealistic. We do this with tact and honesty and we believe that we are able to earn the right to do this by being a trusted advisor to our clients. We will always be straight with our clients.

Pedigree in our field.

We have tons of experience of recruiting into our chosen markets and we like being experts. We know that if our clients ask us if they can hire a certain skill-set at a particular salary at one of their locations, we can give them a good idea of the available talent pool. This comes from years of experience and understanding the current challenges in the recruitment market.


We show grit and determination in everything we do. We are determined to offer outstanding value at the same time as doing a better job than any other recruitment business. We leave no stone unturned in finding first-rate candidates for our client at the same time as providing a fantastic experience for our candidates. We love what we do and this shines through in our approach.


We won't play games with our clients and candidates. Some recruiters will tell a client that a candidate has lots of other job offers to pressure them into a quick decision. Our clients know that if we tell them they need to move quickly on a candidate then we are telling the truth. We won't talk up a candidate's salary to increase our fees, we will base our fees on what we submit the candidate at before interview. These are all examples of how we always seek to work ethically. We don't expect trust, we earn it.


Working closely with our clients, we look to partner with them on achieving the best results for them and our candidates. Some businesses choose to farm out job descriptions via an online portal with little or no interaction with recruiters and we respect their decision to do this. That approach does not suit our style and we will not be able to give those clients the service we think they deserve. We work closely with hiring managers (and HR) to really get under the skin of what is required and deliver the service that you expect.​

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