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Local Professional Advice

Can you tell me more about the role that I have seen advertised?

The short answer is yes! We always put as much detail as we can into our adverts but we do acknowledge that some candidates are reluctant to submit their CV until they can find out a bit more about a post. Generally we are unable to share much more information until we have received someone's CV.

Can you tell me who the client is?

When we have received your CV and have reviewed it to make sure that you are a good match then we are very happy to impart this information. Sometimes clients do ask us to keep their role confidential for a variety of reasons but this is fairly uncommon.

I am interested in the role advertised but am earning X amount more. Is the client willing to flex on the salary shown?

Sometimes clients are willing to be flexible on the package that they are offering in order to secure the right person. If they are we will allude to this on the adverts that we have placed so if there is no mention of flexibility on salary then it is probably the case that our client has a strict wage structure and they won't budge.

Is the role still available?

If it is still live on our website the role is still available and we are still accepting applications.

Will my CV go anywhere before someone from the business speaks to me?

We would not send a candidates CV out to any of our clients unless they have given us their permission to do so. We take data protection very seriously indeed. There are occasions when we manage the recruitment process for some of our clients and they prefer to carry out CV screening and initial interviews themselves. In that situation we would contact you before passing on your CV. Your CV will always be treated with the strictest confidence by every member of the Fetch team.

Is there a particularly good time to contact you to get feedback?

We will always try and take calls if we can but we dedicate time on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm-4pm and on Friday mornings from 10am-12pm specifically to providing feedback, discussing candidate CVs and answering questions about specific roles.

Is my personal data stored securely?

Absolutely. You can refer to our data protection policy on this website that details our approach to security and ensuring that your data is kept safe. All of your information will be treated with the strictest confidence and is held on systems with very high levels of security.

Are you compliant with GDPR?

We have always taken data protection very seriously and were actually ahead of the curve before the implementation of GDPR. We have used this event as an opportunity to review all of our process and make sure that private data is even more secure.

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