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Your Dream Candidate is just around the corner

While a multi-stage interview process will help you decide on the best candidate, at times something more thorough is required.  To help, we’ve teamed up with a HR consultancy to provide a range of candidate assessment services and can design you a robust assessment process fully tailored to the role and your organisation. This will enable you to see in greater detail how each candidate will perform once hired. 

The final process will be specific to you and the role but may include a combination of the following:

Work samples – are by far the most accurate way of assessing candidates. They recreate the reality of the job so you can see the candidate in action. At its simplest, that might be asking a plumber to do some pipe work or a merchandiser to layout some stock. At more senior levels that may take the form of presentations, facilitating discussions or “in tray” exercises.

Psychometric tests – these come in all shapes and sizes, from personality profiling to the ability to test for specific soft and technical skills such as business decision making, numerical analysis or special reasoning.

Group exercises – these can often expose how candidates interact with others. Without the formal structure of an interview, and with multiple participants to manage, candidates often drop their guard and behave in more authentic ways.

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