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Getting Feedback On Your Application

At Fetch we are well aware that our clients and our candidates are often interchangeable. Give someone a poor candidate experience and word gets out. We can't find everyone a job (much as we would love to), but we can provide a bit of free support and advice to those that need it.

Providing detailed feedback...

It can be difficult for us to personally call every single candidate that applies to the jobs that we are handling. That said, we can give feedback to those that are keen to receive it. We operate feedback windows each week when we ensure that someone will be sat by the phone ready to take your call. We are always happy to receive calls at other times if we are not out seeing clients but this way, you will know a good time to catch us. We don't want candidates to feel like their CV has gone into a black hole.

Questions about a specific role...

If you have questions about a specific role, we would always advise submitting your CV first. Applications are always treated with the strictest confidence so your CV will not be shared with anyone else without your permission. We always try and put as much information about a role on our adverts and are generally unable to share more information until we see someone's CV.

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