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The Current HR Recruitment Landscape: Our view of Salary Trends and Market Dynamics

In the realm of Human Resources (HR) recruitment, the journey through the last quarter of 2023 and the initial months of 2024 has been marked by shifts and challenges reflective of broader economic tides. As we delve into our observations of the market, we uncover nuances in demand, salary expectations, and candidate sentiments that paint a comprehensive picture of the evolving HR recruitment landscape.

The Pulse of the HR Recruitment Market:

Reflecting on the closing months of 2023, it's evident that the HR recruitment market was relatively subdued, with subdued activity and limited opportunities. However, as the calendar flipped to January and February of 2024, we witnessed a slight uptick in activity, albeit with a lingering sense of cautiousness. While signs of recovery are emerging, the pace remains measured, hinting at the lingering impact of economic uncertainties which is to be expected.


Spotlight on HR Business Partners:

Amidst the backdrop of a fluctuating market, one area that has maintained steady demand is that of HR Business Partners. These professionals, entrusted with bridging the gap between HR strategy and business objectives, continue to be sought after. Despite the prevailing market conditions, salaries for HR business partners have remained relatively stable, hovering around the £65k mark. However, it's essential to note that salary expectations may vary based on organisational nuances and regional disparities. While some may command salaries as high as £120k for senior roles, the median tends to settle around £65k, a trend that has persisted over recent years.


Shifts in Junior HR Roles:

In contrast, the landscape for junior HR roles has undergone notable transformations in recent times. The days of securing a competent HR Administrator for £23-25k are now a relic of the past, as candidates increasingly expect remuneration closer to £30-35k. Similarly, HR Advisor roles, once attainable at £35-38k, now command salaries nearing the £45k mark. This surge in salary expectations underscores the evolving nature of the HR profession and the growing value placed on junior HR talent.


Navigating Candidate Sentiments:

As recruiters, our interactions with candidates provide invaluable insights into prevailing sentiments within the job market. Many candidates express apprehension about making career moves amidst economic uncertainties, opting for stability over risk in the current climate. The palpable shift in the Talent Acquisition landscape serves as a telling indicator of broader market trends. What was once a buoyant sector just 18 months ago, flush with opportunities, has now seen a reversal, with professionals seeking new roles outnumbering available positions. This shift often mirrors broader economic trends, serving as a barometer of market sentiment.


Looking Ahead with Optimism:

Amidst the complexities of the current landscape, glimmers of optimism emerge from conversations with clients. Many express intentions to bolster their HR teams, signalling a potential resurgence in hiring activity. While challenges persist, these discussions offer hope that the seeds of recovery are beginning to sprout. As we navigate these uncertain times, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting organisations in their HR endeavours.


The HR recruitment landscape is a dynamic tapestry woven with complexities, challenges, and opportunities. As we traverse this terrain, we must remain agile, adaptable, and attuned to the evolving needs of both candidates and clients. By staying informed, fostering resilience, and embracing collaboration, we can navigate the currents of change. Should you require support in augmenting your HR team, we stand ready to lend our expertise and assistance. Reach out to us me, we would love to help you find great HR talent for your team.

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