Trends in the HR jobs market

Recently I was asked by one of my clients to help benchmark the salaries of key roles within her HR team, to ensure the salaries were in-line with what the current market rate. While analysing data from a number of job boards I was surprised by what felt like, a rather small number of current vacancies. This got me thinking, is this a current trend or a small blip? To try and answer that question, here at Fetch, we will be gathering monthly data on the number of live HR vacancies, plus more detailed information as to sector, seniority and whether the roles are full/part-time, permanent or temporary.

It will be interesting and useful to measure this overtime and see how the market fluctuates. We always get asked by clients and candidates ‘what’s the market like?’ – this should provide an answer!

We will publish our findings each quarter and look at what is happening in the HR jobs market across the UK as a whole.

As this is our first month, the numbers are a bit sparse. But we need to start somewhere. As job boards are more widely used by agencies, and LinkedIn more by those looking to recruit directly, we have taken the decision to report on these numbers separately.

We have taken figures from People Management Jobs, Personnel Today Jobs, Reed, CV Library, Changeboard, TotalJobs and JobSite and combined to produce the number of live roles, we appreciate there will be a number of jobs advertised on more than one board and that there are unlikely to be thirty thousand live HR roles at the moment. This won’t impact our ability to track any trends as our source of data will remain consistent. We have selected these job boards as they are the most commonly used for HR roles in the UK.

What the numbers show us initially is the powerhouse that LinkedIn is within recruitment. Any candidate that isn’t active on the platform is potentially missing out on hundreds of potential roles.

As well as measuring what the market is doing as a whole, we will break this down further and analyse by various contract types. These figures will be gathered from, as they are readily available and allows for consistency in data.

The figures above do not necessarily provide an accurate split of the HR jobs market as a whole as different job boards will have a different bias towards permanent or contract roles. The important thing is that we maintain the same source of data over time to help us compare changes by month. We hope to see some interesting trends as numbers go up and down on a month by month basis.

To gain an insight into what is happening by sector, salary range and job type, we gathered data from Personnel Today Jobs as they were the specialist HR job board with the greatest number of jobs advertised. Clearly the greater the number of jobs, the higher the validity of the overall report.

By looking at the jobs by area of specialism, the split of jobs advertised in September is not hugely surprising. As we gather figures in October, November and December etc., we will start to see how the demand for certain skill-sets is changing. And the same will be true by sector:

This in particular will be very interesting to monitor as we will be able to gauge how wider market forces are impacting the number of HR jobs in each industry.

Finally, the last graph shows us the split of HR roles by salary range. Again, it is important to remember that certain job boards will have more of a bias towards more senior or junior roles. This graph provides a snapshot of roles in September but we will get a sense of how the market is changing by level as we gather data each month.

If there is any additional market analysis that you think would be useful on an ongoing basis, please drop me an email and if we can gather the data then I am happy to include it in our quarterly updates. My email address is - it would be great to hear from you.

At Fetch Recruitment, the types of role that we are handling by salary level and job type do link closely with the data that we are seeing. We had an incredibly busy August which is unusual but September was a little quieter than we would normally expect in terms of new jobs taken so perhaps our clients started their recruitment early. Monitoring what the market is doing will be particularly interesting for us as we want to track our own performance against the market. We hope that you find it useful too!

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