Some useful tips on how to kick start your job hunt...

September is here, for me it always brings with it a sense of starting afresh. Perhaps that’s due to years of starting a new school year every autumn or maybe it’s just that the fun of the summer is over and it’s time to start focussing once again on more serious things.

If you’ve been considering a move now is a great time to start looking – here are some tips on how to kick start your job hunt.

1. Know what you want – it might sound simple but before you start looking know what you’re looking for. Know the area, the sector, size of company you’d be willing to work in, the salary you’d like and the type of roles you’re after. This will help to focus your search and stop you wasting time on roles that, ultimately, aren’t what you’re looking for.

2. Update your CV – your CV is by far the most important document in your job-hunting kit. Although updating or writing one isn’t always high up on the list of most enjoyable things to do, it is vital that you spend time getting it right. If you’ve not updated it for a while, before you start think about your current role and write a list of your responsibilities and achievements, then take the most relevant and impressive to put on your updated document. Unless you want a CV that is 10+ pages long it is likely that you’ll need to do some editing. Look at your previous roles and highlight anything that is no longer relevant that could be removed.

3. Don’t forget LinkedIn – just like your CV your LinkedIn profile needs updating. The benefit of LinkedIn is that you’re not limited on space and can include as much information as you like about present and past roles. Don’t just focus on your current role, read through previous roles to check that the information is still relevant.

4. Make yourself easy to find – make sure your settings on LinkedIn show that you’re open to approaches from recruiters, register your CV with relevant jobboards and speak to recruiters these will all make you easier to find by those that are recruiting.

5. Network, network, network – it’s not what you know, but who you know. For every role that is advertised there is at least one that isn’t. Make the most of your network as you never know who might be looking for someone just like you. But remember, in order to be effective networking needs to be a 2-way process. Offer help as often as you ask for it.

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