Who cares about candidate experience?

Candidate experience is a hot topic in the world of HR and recruitment. Go to many workshops, seminars, conferences and somewhere and at some point the topic of candidate experience will be discussed.

There's a lot of questions in this post because there are a lot out there that often result in very different answers.

Fundamentally, what does candidate experience really mean? When someone applies for a job are they consciously evaluating their own candidate experience? Does being rejected from a job mean you are more likely to talk negatively about an employer just because you weren’t successful? Does it matter to you and do you care if you haven't got the job?

As an employer, how seriously do you take it? Are you measuring it? What tools do you have in place to improve your candidate experience? As a recruiter, do you care? As an employer do you care enough?

What is a bad candidate experience? What is a good candidate experience?

Job Applicants - what are your experiences?

Has your view of an employer changed as a result of a poor experience? What made it a poor experience? Has it ever changed your behaviour as a consumer or customer of a particular organisation? Any examples - good or bad - would be very interesting to share.

Recruitment Agencies - does it matter?

Some recruiters have told me in the past that they’re not interested in employer branding. Their job is to get people through the door. What happens after that is not their responsibility. Is that the same with candidate experience?

In-house recruiters

How do you measure it? Are you measured by it? How seriously does your organisation take it? What do you do about it and do you have the support mechanisms in place to make real change? Do you treat your candidates as customers? Or does it feel like an overwhelming problem that no one is quite sure how to tackle? Is it something viewed as a problem or an area to innovate and develop?


Going through an applicant tracking system is one of the major gripes with job hunters. But there are many new companies providing a more CRM approach and additional technologies to engage with candidates more effectively. Do they work? Or is it all just lip service and marketing spin?

Candidate experience is spoken about as a problem, but is it a problem to solve or is it about innovation to achieve improvement?

So back to the question, do you care about candidate experience and what does it mean to you?

About the author - Nick Price is one of our guest writers. He is a communications and employer branding specialist with a vast amount of knowledge in this space. He is doing some very interesting work with www.workingfilms.co.uk if you would like to check out their website. You can find him on LinkedIn or email him via nick@workingfilms.co.uk if you would like some advice on employer branding/candidate experience. We highly recommend subscribing to Career Life Stories via the Working Films website - they are brilliant videos!

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