Please read the terms of our September 2018 promotion below.

Terms for Fetch Recruitment’s £500 donation to charity…​

  • We will donate £500 of our overall fee on successful placements to Shooting Star Chase or a charity of our client’s choosing for any roles that we are briefed on in September 2018.

  • Vacancies need to carry a minimum salary of £18,000 or a minimum day rate of £200 per day.

  • This applies to permanent vacancies and full-time contract vacancies within the field of HR that are at least 6 months in duration.

  • This applies to roles that are registered with us by the 30th September 2018.

  • The role does not have to be filled in September for the offer to apply, we just need to be briefed on it.

  • A successful placement with a candidate from Fetch Recruitment does need to be made on roles that we are briefed on in the month of September for this to apply.

  • Donations will be made to Shooting Star Chase once a rebate period is complete and we have received payment from our client for the work carried out.

  • On contract vacancies, we will make a donation once 6 months has passed from the start of the contract.

  • We will provide evidence to each client that a donation has been made to Shooting Star Trust. We will also make the charity aware that this is a donation on behalf of Fetch Recruitment and our client.

  • Fetch Recruitment will not increase their standard terms in order to cover this donation, it will be made purely from our profits.

  • Where Fetch Recruitment are passed roles from our partners and referral fees are paid for these introductions, we reserve the right not to apply this offer on those roles that we are briefed on. This offer will apply to any roles where we are contacted directly by existing or new clients.

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