Executive Search

If you are making senior hires or have a hard to fill role, we offer incredible value.

We take the view that there is a lot of unnecessary mystique around executive search. We also think that the vast majority of search firms charge rather more than they should and we think that our proposition is much better value.

Great Value...

Many search businesses will charge fees of 30-35% (of package rather than basic salary) and we think that is astronomical. With Fetch Executive Search we will charge you 20% of basic salary with 50% of our fee charged at the outset, 25% upon acceptance of our shortlist for interview and the remaining 25% when the successful candidate has signed their contract with you.

There are no smoke and mirrors with our approach...

Our approach is exactly the same as our competitors, we just work on the basis that if we offer better value and a great service, more clients will come to us.

We will take a detailed brief from you on your requirement at no charge. When we have done this we will write it up for you and give you and your colleagues the opportunity to make any changes to it before signing it off.

If at any stage we are not confident of finding you good people then we will not take the assignment on. Our reputation for a business that delivers is paramount and we do not want to take money from clients and not deliver.

When the brief is signed off, our researcher will get to work on creating a list of candidates. If you would like us to advertise your requirement then we will also do this for you at cost. 

The researcher will normally spend between 10-12 days on your requirement and after that time. They will pass candidates to the Search Consultant as they find them who will interview them. Usually after a 2 week period (give or take a couple of days) you will have a shortlist of candidates to interview.

We will manage the interview process and where requested we can organise psychometric assessments for you, also at cost.

We will support you with negotiations with your preferred candidate and also decline any unsuccessful candidates on your behalf.

If you require support with a senior hire or hard to fill vacancy, we would love to hear from you!

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.