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We have partnered with Furley Page Solicitors to bring you regular employment law updates. For more detailed advice, you can contact Andrew Masters directly and he will be happy to help your organisation with any employment law queries. This is a law firm that we are well acquainted with. You will be in safe hands with Furley Page and will receive very sound advice from Andrew and his team.

Andrew Masters, Partner & Head of Employment
Email: asm@furleypage.co.uk
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Can I change the location of my Scrollr on my screen?

Sure can! On the left side of the scroll you can click the up or down arrows to place the Scroll at the top or bottom of the page

Will you be adding more Fantasy Football Platforms?

That's the plan! We'd love your input on what platforms you use. Fill out our Scrollr User Habits survey to help us out!

Can I use Scrollr while watching Full Screen?

Absolutely! That's the best way to watch in our opinion. Scrollr doesn't work on full screen for every video player or site on the internet, but we have worked hard to make full screen available on as many of the main places to stream sports as possible.

How do I turn off Scrollr?

Simply open the Scrollr Chrome extension and hit "Log Out"

I'm in multiple ESPN Fantasy leagues - How do I switch which league is showing?

Open up the Scrollr extension and swap out the League ID to whichever league you want to view.

Can I use Scrollr on my TV?

Sure can! Chromecast - Scrollr works with Chromecast, just cast whatever tab you are streaming from. Just make sure to change the "source" to " desktop" (not " tab"). For a quick tutorial on how to do that click HERE. Apple Mirror - Simply mirror your tab, just like any other tab. HDMI - old school style. Nice. Dont forget to change the screen resolution to make everything proportional - Heres how to do it on Mac and on Windows


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