Whether you need operational cover or specialist project expertise, we can help.

Invariably, contract vacancies fall into two distinct types of requirement. Operational cover or those of a specialist project nature.

Operational Cover...

From time to time, our clients will need someone to work for them on a contract to cover a post that has been vacated by someone temporarily. This may be because a member of the team has gone on maternity leave, is on sick leave or perhaps they have been seconded to another role for a period of time to aid their development. Contract resource may also be used to cover a role that has been vacated by someone leaving the business altogether. A contractor can buy the client a bit of time until they find the right permanent replacement.

Specialist Projects...

A lot of businesses may not have a need to retain individuals with specialist HR expertise on a permanent basis. Using a contractor to come and deliver a specific piece of work can be very cost effective and it ensures that it will be done to a high standard. It also ensures that your team are not placed under additional strain.  

Fixed Term Contract or Interim Day Rate?

Whether you have a preference for either approach we can advise you on the benefits of each type of contractor.

FTC candidates are often sourced from a pool of candidates that are in between jobs. Candidates that work on an interim day rate basis tend to be career contractors and are perhaps more readily available but often a bit more expensive.

We are always happy to explore both sides of the market for you and will present the best people available.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.